Sunday, May 3, 2009

a new blog

I am in the process of phasing-out this blog, and only keeping my other one. 2 blogs are hard to keep up with! So, if you want to check me out, check out Jon and I's blog. I am still planning on posting scrappy things.... :) That is a huge part of my life!



Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a really great weekend... a much needed break from the every-day grind! I went out to Mesa to have some fun at CKC. I got to see Liz again, which was really great. She is such a beautiful person in and out (not to mention, super talented!). I took a few of her classes and had some retail therapy!
(btw, Liz, I hope you are enjoying your new tape runner. You will become addicted to it!)
We took a little break from the ckc madness, and headed to downtown Mesa for a little shopping. We stopped at Blissful Living Studio and Blossom Salon & Boutique. Wow, Blissful Living was adorable. It was literally a store right up Liz's alley :) I bought the cutest strawberry note pad there... I will definitely be going back! Blossom was also a cute lil salon! They had small chandeliers hanging above every stylists' station. So cute! Too bad neither one of us had our cameras... what kind of scrapbookers are we? lol.
The only things that could have made our day better: more time and ice cream!
Liz, so glad we got to hang out some more. It was a wonderful day! Hope to see you again soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

shopping trip

Tomorrow I finally have a day off work! I will be visiting the academic advisor at school, working on homework, and taking a much needed shopping trip. I am most looking forward to going to Forever 21, after seeing all the cute stuff my lil sis just got there! 
HaPPy Spring!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wedding pics

We got our wedding pictures in the mail today :) We are so happy with how they turned out. It was such a beautiful day in Michigan! Our photographer, Tammie, did an awesome job!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a small update...

(March 8)

I have been sort of a slacker lately, at least with Project 365. Taking a picture a day has been a struggle for me! I am going to really try this month to get back on target. Between a new job, a part time job, school, and house hunting, my camera has taken a back seat!

The picture above is what the floor in my bedroom looks like on Sundays... I have this wacky process during the week of trying to find outfits in the morning in the dark while Jon is sleeping. I will try on 4 or 5 different things and throw whatever I don't want on my side of the bed. Jon is border-line OCD, so he cannot stand this mess! Maybe this is because our furniture takes up ALL the space in our room? Or because we have sliding-door closets instead of a walk-in? These are a few of the issues that I hope are resolved soon when we get a house :) Speaking of, we put in another offer last week, so we hope to hear soon! It is a short sale home, so we may not know for months....

I am excited that I have one more week of school until spring break. Jon and I will be going to Las Vegas for a few days, which will be relaxing! This week, Bre and I are going to 2 Chicago Cubs spring training games. We are very excited!

Have a happy week! :)

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